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City Attorney of Los Angeles

As an attorney and first-generation Latina who worked for President Obama, Marina Torres represents the American Dream. Growing up with incarcerated family members, her personal and professional experiences have given her a greater understanding of the justice system and the important role it plays in serving the people in our community.  She understands the importance of providing access and opportunities to working class communities and how the government, when working for the people, can change lives. Marina's experiences have shaped her values -- of justice, of fairness, and on fighting for what's right. And those are the values that she brings to her campaign. With over a decade of civil and criminal legal experience, Marina is the right person to be City Attorney of Los Angeles.

Marina will always fight for justice.  Throughout her legal career, she has made her community safer, sought alternatives to incarceration where appropriate, and fought for the most vulnerable people in society. Marina is the candidate who will fight for all Angelenos.


Marina’s commitment to public service is rooted in her personal experiences. While in her final year at Stanford, Marina decided to work within the criminal justice system after seeing a close family member be given two strikes as a 16 year-old first-time offender.  It was this moment when Marina understood the power that government wielded and the responsibility that comes with it -- how working within the system could both help keep communities safe and enable her to advocate for those who needed their voices heard.

After college, Marina spent a life-changing year as an AmeriCorps Fellow at the Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago, where she provided litigation aid to migrant farmworkers throughout the state who were victimized by recruiters and employers. She returned to California to attend Stanford Law School, where she served on the executive board of the Stanford Law Review and was co-president of the Stanford Latino Law Students’ Association. 

Marina also worked for President Obama, where she helped craft and implement DACA and immigration policy at the Department of Homeland Security. In her role as an advisor on DACA issues, Marina got to change the lives of young men and women “Dreamers” who, like her, had lived with the constant fear of deportation and family separation.  

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Marina embodies the potential of so many in Los Angeles. Marina is the daughter of undocumented parents who, like many others, came from Mexico in pursuit of a better life. Marina was born in Los Angeles County before her parents moved to a struggling neighborhood in the Inland Empire. Her father worked at the Sunkist Factory in Ontario until he passed away before Marina was 3 years old. Her single mother worked a variety of jobs to keep the family afloat. As the oldest, Marina helped look after her younger brothers while her mother was at work. Growing up, the fear of her mother's deportation was never too far away.  From a young age, Marina understood the struggles of poverty and being undocumented, and how hard work and access to opportunities could change lives.    


Although English was her second language, Marina understood that education was the only way to help her family and community move forward. While in school, Marina herself carried a multitude of jobs.  In high school, she worked as a cashier at Burger King to afford the fees for her Advanced Placement tests. Graduating near the top of her high school class, Marina was admitted to the University of California, Berkeley when she was just 16 years old.  In college, Marina juggled a full class schedule, many student government activities and a 20-hour work week to send money home to help support her family. Marina embodies the work ethic, potential, and passion of so many people in Los Angeles.